Explosive Excerpt from “The Everything Pages” Chapter 1

The Con Job Against Humanity

Excerpt from “The Everything Pages”

By David Allender

The Everything Pages by David Allender

Demystifications and Cures for that “Sinking Feeling” 


LEGAL:  This may be freely copied and shared in its’ original entirety, no edits or omissions. ©2013 David Allender 

If you question anything stated as factual herein, please do some checking along the way.  When that gets old, you’ll feel right at home.  Rest assured we are on your side and refreshingly, there are no ulterior motives at play.  IF YOU’RE A WELL MEANING PERSON, WE ARE YOU.  We’ve given our best to find the truth, it took over  1,800 books, 10s of 1,000s of websites and over 600 documentaries, a list of those cited herein is at the end.  You’ve never seen them on TV and you’re about to discover why.  It’s the same reason you likely haven’t heard about the 43 TRILLION DOLLAR Spire Lawsuit (the largest in world history) filed against over a 1,000 members of the criminal banking cabal back in early 2012.  And with that little nugget of heavily suppressed truth, we continue with;

Chapter 1:  It’s Only Money

It’s time to learn a few very secret things about what everyone toils for and worries about over the course of their entire lives, money!  Rest assured this won’t be a boring read even if you don’t care one little bit about the world of finance.  Also, since money is sort of central to our lives this is a really big deal, figuring out the secret truth about it is extremely revealing and rewarding.

What we’re about to unveil regarding money is so important and secret the vast majority of economists, financial advisors and even bank employees have no clue whatsoever.  Questioning how that’s possible will lead us to more major truths.

In 1863, while brainstorming some crafty ways to take over the worlds monetary system, Mayer Amschel Rothschild a jew, said “Give me control of a nations money and I care not who makes the laws”.  He was right.  It took 50 years but 7 jews conspired with corrupt US officials to privatize the FED on Christmas Eve of 1913.  (We’re noting 13s and 33s in red because jews love them)

It was a real nice time of year to have created the most evil, anti-American institution ever conceived.  They snuck the bill through congress when most of the representatives were gone for the Christmas holidays.  This was also a pretty obvious affront to Jesus.  It seems they really don’t like that guy, wonder why?

Here’s the thing, the US Federal Reserve is now a privately owned corporation that loans nonexistent money to the US government.  It’s true, the FED is nothing more than a shim sham, a game jews play in nearly every country on earth.  It’s all nothing but a scam for a handful of scum to steal the riches of our world from us.

In the case of the FED, jews had to get rid of a few good folks in order to get the law passed.  They started with building a ship called the Titanic in Belfast Ireland late 1909.  It was being built for the White Star Line, an international shipping company controlled by the satan worshipping Bankster JP Morgan.

Hey now, just a minute here.  This whole story line is sounding an awful lot like some sort of conspiracy!  Well, of course it is, CONSPIRACIES EXIST and they ARE REALITY!!!   (Note how the word “conspiracy” now even denotes crazy without addition of the word “theory”!!!)  Isn’t that convenient since conspiracies are how every single ruthless assortment of greedy, murderous, psychotic pieces of shite across history have succeeded in totally screwing all of us repeatedly!!!

Isn’t it odd that a conspiracy is a “concerted effort of a group to lie”.  A CONSPIRACY IS A CONCERTED LIE!  Maybe we should take back ownership and understanding of the word conspiracy! 

 Conspire Definition

Note how the first example basically implies that thinking of overthrowing the corrupt, LYING, THEIVING government would be conspiring!  Wow.  It’s like Hitler wrote the definition!  Anyway, if conspiracies didn’t exist there’d be no such thing as intentional crimes from anyone but screwball loners!

A better, more apt definition is; “CONSPIRATORS” as in those who team up to SCHEME, LIE, CHEAT, MISINFORM and FEAR MONGER their victims into submission and defeat!   CONSPIRING IS THE ENTIRE POINT!!!  It literally means COLLUDING, LYING, CHEATING, MISINFORMING and  REPRESSING the TRUTH about THEM and THEIR GOALS to RULE OVER YOU and/or THE EARTH!!!

And what if those conspirators went to the effort of making the word “conspiracy” remind you of a bad thing that only crazy people would ever talk about?  What if the word itself made us think of exactly the opposite of what it means,  as in “NO CONSPIRACY”.  Have a little fun proving this to yourself by using it in its correct context; stop right now and say “Conspiracy REALITY” 10 times.

C’mon now, if you want to see the light this isn’t optional, you have to say “CONSPIRACY REALITY” to yourself 10x.  Just give it a try and before you make it to #10 you might be amazed to discover you were programmed!!!  Only fools would overlook REAL CONSPIRACIES !  Remember; Watergate, Enron, the Mafia, the Manhattan Project, MK Ultra, Operation Paperclip, Operation Northwoods, Co-intel Pro, Iran Contra and etc., etc., etc.

Imagine expending the next 100 pages or more listing all of the proven conspiracies in our history and you’ll quickly realize the point being made.  ALL scams, cheats and covert missions with more than 1 person are conspiracies.  They are premeditated and performed to harm, overtake or steal things from others.  And unfortunately that often includes life itself.

So, we’ve all been conditioned by evil scum to overlook the vast majority of their conspiracies which are REALITIES, NOT “theories”.   We’ve all been living in a dream where our assailants made their nefarious activities seem outlandish to talk about!!!

Can you say “WHOA”?  That’s a major realization eh?  Let’s hold on to that one!  And there’s more like that, many, many more.  Is this stuff priceless or what?  Also worthy of indelible notation is recalling that in any court of law or other venue of justice, MOTIVE along with CIRCUMSTANCIAL EVIDENCE regularly wins convictions without hard proof because said proof is commonly prone to concealment and tampering!

That’s what nefarious criminal conspirators do, they try to conceal the truth and tamper with the evidence to avoid prosecution.  However, countless millions have been successfully and rightfully prosecuted  with Circumstantial Evidence and Motive!  It’s called COMMEN SENSE, let’s see if we can regain and use ours!  Also of relevance is the simplicity of this;

 The Truth is the Truth:  David Allender

This truthing stuff isn’t as simple as one might think.  It can be a real challenge for most folks which of course is also by design.  The scum we’re exposing know the more lies they spread, the harder they’ll be for the average person to root out or conceive!  They don’t want you to be able to wrap your head around things because THAT WILL  ruin everything for them.

They WILL LOSE the game that they’re so used to winning which of course is cruelly toying with and enslaving all of us and ours for eternity!  Let’s get back to the sinking of the Titanic, a merciless, and unnecessary drowning of 1,500 innocent souls which surely MURDEROUS, TREACHOROUS, PSYCOPATHIC SCUM WHO ARE SEEKING WORLD DOMINATION WOULD NEVER DO. 

Benjamin Guggenheim, Isador Strauss and John Jacob Astor, three of the richest/most powerful men in the world at the time were arguably the most outspoken of those who opposed privatization of the FED because it stood to hurt them financially while propping up their competitors.  This is why they were among the most sought after and heavily coaxed passengers for the Titanics’ maiden voyage which was predicted in the book “Futility” 14 years prior.  The books’ ship was coincidentally called unsinkable, named Titan, sunk in April and had too few lifeboats!

There’s our first whale of a conspiracy theory we can forever say goodbye to buying from jews.  There are many more, like 9/11 maybe?  Don’t believe it?  Well, thankfully they highlighted this particular one with a cute little black satanic bow on top back on 3/13/97 while satanist James Cameron was directing the film Titanic in remembrance of her sacrificial sinking.

He went to PHOENIX  (pagans liked those birds), AZ which lies on the 33rd parallel (like every state and country on earth with the satanic sacrificial death penalty) to take his evil initiation rites at the Grand satanic Masonic Lodge .  That very evening 1,000s of people witnessed what’s known as the “Phoenix Lights”, the largest UFO sighting in US history!  But back to the sinking;

JP Morgan directed a fellow jew, Edward Smith to captain the Titanic.  The day before she sailed Father Francis Browne who was directly under the Vaticans’ Catholic General boarded to meet with Captain Smith.  He gave him his orders to sink the behemoth and morosely took hundreds of photos of soon to be victims aboard the ship the morning of their departure.

Like all jews, Captain Smith was on duty under sworn oath to carry out whatever deeds ever asked of the Catholic General.  When that jew speaks, all others listen.  Smith was a veteran sailor with 26 years at sea, captaining some of the most important voyages ever.  It was documented that he only allowed one pair of binoculars on the helm for this voyage which he kept to himself.

On 4/15/1912 after 3 days at sea and no less than 8 known telegrams warning him to slow down, Captain Smith who had sailed the same seas on many occasions demanded full steam and took the ship directly into a huge ice field about 10 km square.

Then upon successfully ramming a berg Smith fired white flares instead of red signaling celebration rather than distress so any would be help didn’t respond.  He also intentionally flubbed the critical job of timely launching the life rafts thereby further increasing the already assured atrocious loss of life to ensue which would include most men aboard like our 3 anti-FEDs.

With them gone, a treasonous President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.  He also signed the US Revenue Act which formed the IRS earlier that same year.  Those acts have changed everything for America and the world.  You’re about to learn we’ve been nothing more than military and economic slaves to governments owned by bankster jews ever since.

It was just 8 months after the privatization of the FED that jews had enough power to start profiting from World War One.  And after being left alone with Americas’ cash register for a hundred years, they have done astoundingly well.  In 2011 alone these private bankers made nearly a TRILLION DOLLARS just off interest from totally bogus loans to the US government.  A THOUSAND BILLION DOLLARS from interest on bogus loans, just to the US!

You have to understand the money we’re paying interest on is completely fictitious.  Only 3% of US currency is backed by actual assets and only 7% of all currency physically exists, the rest is just digits in computers!  Imagine you meeting with Congress, having them sign an IOU to you for say 100 billion dollars at 5% interest for 1 year.  Then you walk over to their computer and enter 100 billion into their accounting ledger.  Now you can just sit back and rake in 8.5 billion dollars per month for doing absolutely nothing.

That’s exactly what jews are doing to earn their Trillion Dollars per year in interest from the US.  This ridiculous figure describes an amount of wealth that would feed the entire world for a full year.  That’s what they made off the US alone just in 2011.  But the FED isn’t all they own, they’ve got all the banks which is exactly why “too big to fail” worked like a charm for them.

And rather than make sure such a thing never happens again by breaking them up, how about the opposite?  What if 37 banks in 1990 were now combined into just 4 jew goliaths!  That’s right, too big to fail worked and it’s going to work again but bigger.  Those 4 goliaths are all under the control of one banking network headed by one family, the Rothschilds.

Today over two thirds of the worlds’ wealth is controlled by the Rothschilds cartel.  Imagine 2/3 of the worlds’ money in the hands of one evil family.  And they’re going for the whole enchilada now.  Before 9/11 there were reportedly only seven central banks left not under Rothschild control.  That little emergency and the bogus wars that followed have allowed jews to make some really nice progress in their psychotic, real life conquest for total domination of earth.

Once the US is done undermining a few more governments in the Middle East, the One World Bank will be good as gold.  You might have heard the pope was calling for this “Central World Bank” awhile back and more recently he also voiced his support for the New World Order.  If you’re new to the NWO, hold on!  We’re also about to learn all kinds of very interesting stuff about the Vatican starting with Pope Leo the 10th who launched 7 bloodbaths called the Christian Crusade beginning back in 1095.

He was the one responsible for torturing, burning, beheading and mass murdering hundreds of thousands of Muslims and others.  It was in 1492 the Catholic church sent Columbus looking for riches, he found them along with what he himself said were several million of the kindest and most wonderful people on earth.  By orders of the church, those peace loving Taino Indians were then enslaved, raped and murdered until zero remained.

Later in the 1700s the Vatican would perform the Inquisition whereby millions more were tortured and burned at the stake.  So, the Roman Catholic Church has got a bit of a temper, big deal right?  Unfortunately there’s more to it; the Vaticans’ soldiers were called “Knights Templars”.  They’re the ones who founded that cute little satan worshipping club called the “Free Masons”.

Templars were also the founders of Earths’ transnational banking scam which was originally operated from Temple Church in England espousing royals and papal associates.   And the Popes’ Templars were responsible for creating the Mother of all filthy and bogus Banks in 1694, the Bank of England.  It’s the same thing as the US Federal Reserve, a massive scam to rob and enslave us.

As you’ll soon realize, you’ll be able to use the term “jews” every single time you see something crappy going on anywhere in the world.  Sounds crazy but just you wait and see, you’ll have it all figured out soon.  And they’re everywhere but seem happiest at home in 3 distinct locations.  The Vatican is one, a geographical, governmental oddity just like the other two.

The Rothschild jews manage the Vaticans’ wealth which is the richest corporation on planet earth clearly illustrating a major alliance between jews and Popes.  The Vatican exists sovereign unto itself as its own country just as Washington DC and the Inner City of London.  That’s why these cities aren’t officially parts of the US, Rome or England.  These 3 frauds are “City States” which make up 1 organization designed specifically to fleece and then one day cripple the peoples of the world.

That day is now upon us which is why you’re reading this.  Their nefarious organization is called the “Empire of the City” and has its own flag which as shown below has 3 stars and two stripes.  The Empire of the City also has its own highly secretive, royal constitution and its own private goals which are completely separate from the rest of the world to put it mildly.  The families who created these 3 City States now control most of the world.

The Internation Empire of the City 

Pay attention, what we’re about to learn about the Empire of the City and its’ three City States is very worthwhile information that’s seldom revealed.  It all started back in Roman times with the “Roman Walls of Londinium” which is precisely where the Inner City of London, the richest square mile on earth resides.

The Empire of the City was designed and created by jews to run the world by controlling 3 of their most important tools, money, military and religion.  They use each of its’ 3 branches of London, Washington DC and the Vatican to conduct tasks necessary for getting them to their ultimate psychotic goal of world domination.

London leads the Empire of the City with the sitting king/queen of the royal throne and another seldom mentioned holder of a royal position called the “Lord Mayor of the City of London”.  His duty is to help manage the throne while monetizing and controlling all of the worlds’ resources within the financial markets under direction of Bankster jews.

The current Lord Mayor is David Wooten.  Like all daffy jews who have ample free time and unending financial resources, he likes to play dress up and go for fancy walks with his concubine puppets.  (Sorry fellas, maybe you should think seriously about getting a new job/boss.)  But then again, maybe we all should.

 Daffy Dregs

He and the King or Queen of England command the actions of an individual in an important American leadership position known as the “Vassal King”.  Said Vassal King is otherwise known to most as the US president, currently Obama.  What?  So, Obama works for England???  Yep.  How’s that for a shocker?  But hold on, there’s plenty more to come so don’t get yourself too worked up yet.

The time for that comes at the end of the Everything Pages and it’s full of positivity, optimism and action.  So, US presidents have been covertly taking orders directly from England since the treasonous Act of 1871 created the “District of Columbia” and a corporation called the “UNITED STATES” (note the caps which legally distinguishes it from the “other” United States of America).

This new United States Federal Corporation calls its slave people “citizens” instead of “Americans” and operates as a “legal” but not “lawful” entity to oversee certain “territories” instead of the sovereign nation of Americans as originally adapted along with the Bill of Rights and US Constitution of 1776.  And just guess who owns this corporation… The FED!!!

As you can likely see this is an offshoot in our rabbit hole that goes very, very deep into the real history of the once dreamed great nation of the People of the United States of America.  Now we know it’s all about legal word play being used by the Vatican and crooked  bankster scum to strip Americans of their rights, lands and freedom while using its people, money and resources to war against other nations to benefit the crown, not Americans.

And while creating the new UNITED STATES INC was a step in the right direction, the next play came in the form of Bankrupting the good old “United States of America” which happened about 20 years after the interest debt created from WWI had finally accrued beyond any means to pay it back to the bankster shills.  This is when the Emergency Banking Act of March 9th, 1933 officially broke and overtook America thereby making it subservient to International control headed by banks and royals.

Franklin Roosevelt saw to it the Federal Government was officially dissolved only to exist by name from there on out.   It was at this time that ALL of our state governments were automatically overtaken thereby making any “elected” officials thereto subservient to the new corporation of the UNITED STATES.   As we’ve just covered this new US was already owned by the FED, bankster scum due to the prior act of 1871.

That said it’s important to note the time spans between all of these occurrences, this is a very old and well laid out plan.  In fact it is such to degrees that will boggle the mind.  Everything we’re seeing in our lives at present are the results of planning made long, long ago by distant generations of psychopaths from satanic families.  It couldn’t get much weirder than that, but it’s all true.

And it goes well beyond the gargantuan governmental takeovers we’ve just covered in the US.  This is an ancient quest for world domination being carried out by screwed up, evil royal nutters from hell.  Enjoy learning about all this stuff because it’s the last thing they want.  In fact they’re getting scared shitless for the first time in a couple centuries right now so that’s progress!

For those with the inclination there is obviously much more to learn about the legal side of this fraud of all frauds that’s been perpetrated against Americans and the world for the last 140 years.  And seeing as how we’ll likely be using this knowledge at least in part to overcome jew scum, it’s worthy of learning.  But not right now.  Get your head around what’s herein first and then if there’s still time, use it to learn more about this massive scam.

The holder of position Lord Mayor for the City State of London is also responsible for the great depression, the current recession and every other financial related happening of any size across history.  And while the word “responsible” is used, what’s inferred is intentional.  There are no coincidences when it comes to large matters in our world.

There are also no mistakes and happenstance is a LIE.   Franklin D Roosevelt a 32° Mason said “In politics, nothing is accidental.  If something happens, be assured it was planned this way.”  If nothing else, remember that and you’ll screw jews up in a really big way.  Like the devil himself, deceit is their main source of power.  When it doesn’t work, they’re confused, angst and weak.  Wow, that’s the same exact thing they’re always doing to us!  The tide turns…..

Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company, said;  “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and money system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning”.  Let’s hope this is true because that’s exactly what we’re learning here and it’s huge.

Again, mistakes are NOT the cause of our financial mishaps which is why usury, i.e.; banking, is super-secret, stinky and immoral stuff in general.  It’s also why those involved in the formation and operation of the industry are historically hated and have long tried to remain unknown.  For the most part they’ve succeeded.

For instance, ownership of the FED is secret but we know it’s the descendants of the original bunch of lucifer loving jews that started the entire financial industry.  And yes, they really do love satan.  They also like to channel demons, play with spells and go around thinking they’re wizards while carrying out heinous perversions.

But the truth is they’re really just morally depraved, mentally disturbed cowards who LIE like rugs and rely on cheating to get ahead.  It’s the only way they can win in any of their games.  If they played fair they’d lose every single time because that’s exactly what jews are, losers.  Pathetic, dishonorable, lying, psychopathic losers.

The cores of our problems originate from family members of 13 jew bloodlines.  As with all family traditions religious doctrines are passed down generation after generation.  It’s especially true with satanism, those born into this cult rarely get out unscathed, if at all.  Everyone’s heard of someone who’s been in a cult of one type or the other that have to be deprogrammed just to function.

The thing is, satanism is seriously mental stuff and according to a very well documented book called “13 Bloodlines of The Illuminati”, there are 13 good for nothing, lucifer lovin’ jew families at the center of trying to control the whole of human existence and other life on earth.  They have these last names;

  1. Astor 
  2. Bundy      
  3. Collins      
  4. DuPont
  5. Freeman        
  6. Kennedy  
  7. Onassis      
  8. Reynolds
  9. Rockefeller              
  10. Li             
  11. Russel      
  12. Rothschild           
  13. Van Duyn

These putrid families run dark for many centuries and millennia.  With them we can add thousands of loyal accomplices from families like Bush, Baher, Bauer, Disney, DuPont, Dow, Hall, Helu, Tariko, Chase, Schwarzenegger, Morgan, Krupp, Ghurair, Esteves, Schroder, Yaw, Kotak, Faria, Piow, Kellner, Sarmiento, Paulson, Cohen, Safra, Bin Laden, Sinclair, Singer, Soros, Koch, Gates, Merovech, Walton, Stanley, McDonald and the list goes on and on like an elitist phonebook from hell.  But back to banks;

All of our modern banking BS started in England in 1694 with the Popes’ Templar jew named William Patterson.  He said “The bank hath benefit of interest on all moneys which it creates out of nothing.”  The whole thing has been a shell game from the get go.  The entire financial industry is designed to confuse, fleece and enslave unsuspecting men and women everywhere.

It’s how we’re all shackled to evil and money which is the basis for their plan to own the world.  This is why U.S. forefathers wanted out from under the crown.  British royalty is nothing but satanic bankster scum.  So, there’s more to it all than just the FED, it’s but one of more than a hundred others like it in nearly every country on earth, all owned by scum sucking jews.

We’ll start from the top down.  Evil Bankster jews started the modern process of confusing people with a corp called the “Bank for International Settlements” or BIS which in truth is just BS.  It doesn’t really do anything beyond providing a platform for dollar dealing jews to meet up and figure out how to best screw all the good people of the world out of thousands of Trillions of dollars.  It invisibly exists in Basel, Switzerland.  The BIS sets currency reserve requirements for Central Banks like the FED in nearly every country on earth but is not in any way accountable to our governments.


It’s ran by those known as Global Elitist jews.  They’re super rich losers from the Rothschild, Rockefeller and Morgan families.  They also oversee the only two International Banks on earth which they themselves created for the purpose of making their worldwide theft ring seem organized and legit to the dumbed down sheople of the world.  They are the International Monetary Fund; IMF and World Bank, more BS.  One noteworthy item is that all Social Security Numbers are assigned by the IMF which also oversees the highly illegal and unconstitutional IRS!


These jew banks oversee the creation and lending of make believe money to Central Banks like the FED.  They now have one of such Central Banks in almost every country on earth.  Most Central Banks used to be owned by their respective governments but that’s all changed.  jews had America war heavily to see it so.

That’s the not so funny little secret behind all the wars and killing, each time the US or other jew controlled country is involved in warring it’s usually to topple governments that don’t have one of their bogus banks.  Then those countries are forced to accept a luciferian owned Central Bank.  This is how it’s come to be only a few countries are left on earth who own their own Banks.

Coincidentally most were in the Middle East where all the warring is going on, those being Libya, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt and of course you hear plenty about the other 2, North Korea and Cuba.  Low and behold the US has toppled the governments of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya which is why they’ve all got dirty, filthy Central Banks and corrupt government officials all owned by jews.   And if we let them continue, watch as the rest do too!  (Note; “dreg” means jew)

Central Banks

Central banks literally create their money out of thin air to fictitiously lend to governments of their conspiring countries for all kinds of massive expenditures of loot.  One very big trick is that this money often goes to fund large projects which jew owned corporations are always set up to get the contracts for.

Another thing about draconian jews is they are psychopathically anal at capitalizing on every possible windfall.  Their schemes all involve winning AND profiting on every possible aspect of whatever they’re doing.  It’s almost as if they have teams of slaves to do the daunting grunt work in figuring it all out.

To recap what we’ve learned so far;  The Bank for International settlements or BIS for short is actually just BS.  And Central Banks are just arms of the aforementioned BS bank which jews jamb down the throats of every government on earth with wars followed by corrupted new leaders of their choosing.

These Central banks create money out of thin air and lend it to sold out governments around the globe who then give it back to jews in interest as well as expensive contracts for big projects.

A sampling of such projects includes expansion of military assets, food production, development of waterways, building of highways, airports, power plants, oil production, fuel delivery, government buildings, war and quite literally everything else that costs lots of dough.  jews usually at least double their money.

It’s one way they launder their money back to themselves.  And they make out very well.  Just the money made from interest they charge our governments is huge and guess where we get the money to pay the interest to jews;  it comes from taxing us!

However during times like current, countries can’t repay their bogus debts to jews so they’re forced to sell Bonds or give up other valuable assets to them.  One of those assets that many believe have been completely exhausted is US gold.

Fort Knox was likely drained back in the 80s during the last US recession which is why all of it is now owned by the jew FED.  This kind of stuff is so far beyond the pale, it’s ridiculous.  Just game after game after game.  And jews know the jig is just about up which is why this is definitely the time to be reading this.

So, gold and bonds are one way jews have made off with our real assets from their totally phony money scheme.  What we’re saying here is that money is worthless to the common man because it is the very tool used to enslave us while further enriching worthless scum who wish to rule the earth, jews.

To reiterate;  jews create money out of thin air, lend it to nearly every country on earth via their Central Banks which only exist due to corrupt politicians selling us out.  Those sold out countries tax their citizens and launder the money back to jews in bogus forms of interest which is actually usury and used to be illegal.

And to top it off, they also retrieve mass amounts of the money they’ve loaned to our governments from contracts for goods and services provided by companies that jews own.  So, that’s what jew Central Banks do, they take us to the cleaners via our governments.  And then there’s the more personal manner of raping us which happens directly via our patronizing Big Banks.

We pay them interest on retail loans and fees for all the banking we do with them directly via their Big Banks.  Yes, jews own all of the Big Banks in the world as well which all get their phony cash from their Central Banks FOR FREE!  Big Banks get all that money for free on what’s called the “Fractional Reserve System”.  More big words for Big BSers.  The way it works is like this;

You deposit $100 into your account at your least hated favorite Big jew Bank and then their owned Central Bank of your country automatically gives that Big Bank 9 times that amount to loan out and make interest from which is shared between the Big Banks and Central Bank.  There you have it.  That’s how fractional reserve banking works.  It’s all one big LIE.

Imagine owning 2 kinds of banks, one that makes all the currency for any particular country out of thin air with no strings attached, this is a central bank like the FED or Bank of England.  The second kind of bank is the big banks like Chase or HSBC that everyone’s used to having around and using for everything to do with money.

And remember, Big Retail Banks get their money for free from jew owned Central Banks like the FED and the Bank of England who create it all with no strings attached.   Central Banks and Big Banks exist solely to rake in zillions of dollars in interest from people of corrupt and conspiring governments around the globe.

And a little interest goes a long ways, consider the fact a 30 year loan amortized at just 5.3% doubles the cost of whatever you bought!  So, you work for 30 years to pay for your house and the Big jew Bank gets one of equal value for free and with zero risk! And that’s at just 5.3% interest!  Sounds fair right?

After all murderous, heathenish, satan worshipping scum need to make hundreds of trillions of dollars so as to own the whole of wealth on your planet earth while bringing hardship, horrors, suffering and pain to all good people and animals of the world. 

Heck, why don’t we just give them all a bonus with some more bailouts which they’ll loan us the money for in the first place?  Did you catch that?  Evil jew scum loaned nonexistent money to the crooked US government so it could give it back to them by the hundreds of billions in the form of bailouts to save them for a mess they intentionally created to achieve that very purpose!

Evil Bankers 

How’s that for a money laundering job!  But wait, it gets better; Then our armed, criminal leaders shake us down for taxes under threat of incarceration which the corrupt governments give back to the same Bankster scum in the form of paying interest to them on their bogus loans for the bailouts from their phony corporations like the FED and Bank of England!!!

That’s a totally blatant rip-off most 10 year olds could see through if it was put to them in the same way, which is nothing more than TRUTHFULLY!  No smoke, no mirrors just the raw truth about evil, rotten, worthless, criminal scum!   And like all Bankers they wear suits which evidently are part of the secret to successfully robbing hundreds of millions of people right in front of their faces.

And after reading that a fun question might be; when looking at the three worthless, LYING jew pukes pictured above named; Paulson, Bernanke and Geitner, how much do you think their reputations, careers or freedom will be worth once a hundred million Americans figure all this out?  Forgive the rancor but we should legalize some old forms of punishment because they deserve a good tar and feathering with a giant matchstick jammed up their asses to be lit by our children who they intended on making pay for it all. 

As if charging interest on totally bogus money wasn’t enough.  But then even that form of profiteering has been against the law in nearly every country on earth at some point.  Bankers and interest stink which is why Usury laws exist pretty much everywhere.  Unfortunately now they only limit how badly you can be raped by jews over your lifetime so, you will be raped by jews regardless.

Worthless usury laws are passed to make it seem like there’s a reasonable limit on how much Big Banks can charge you in interest on loans.  However, that limit is often up around 30% or more which is obviously insane.  Basically, paying interest in any amount is in fact usury and should be illegal.  Usury totally sucks just like dirty, dollar licking jews do.

What we’re talking about here is an absolutely huge part of your life and what you do day in and day out; you work to earn and save money so you can exist in this consumerist jew hell hole while amassing a bunch of worthless crap.  And if successful you must then try to hold onto it all while operating under the guises of a capitalism, democracy and freedom which have all been undermined by satanic scum to rule over your life and the world.

The problems are many but one in particular is that we can only choose the manner in which we slave for those who do nothing.  These worthless pukes lounge around in luxury while deceiving and oppressing the population of earth, using and abusing its many wonders and resources without a care in the world.

And while you might hopefully like to advance yourself and humanity, they are committed to holding you back via monetary slavery and deep mental conditioning i.e.; oppression.  These invisible whips and chains of are arguably more damaging and effective than real ones due to the fact most of us aren’t even aware they’ve existed.

But they do and the prices we pay are robbing us all of a good deal of joy and contentment in life as well as life itself.  They’re killing us, more on that soon.  Getting back to how jews have rewarded themselves from these operations; below are a few Big Banksters who get their money for nothing and checks for free while you work your ass off and stress about making and holding onto jew deflated money for your entire life.

These are a few of the ones that have been holding all of us over a barrel for our entire existence.  They even rate how good of a slaves we are, that’s called your credit score.  Stop being a good little slave and begin lowering yours today!!! Really!

 Big Dreg Banks

So, jews now have most countries gold reserves, treasury bonds and all the cash we’ve given back to them in interest from our governments in the form of taxes we pay.  And they also make out on all interest and fees from us personally in retail banking.  Now we’re paying jews in another huge way.

We’re now individually handing over massive sums of cash to them in the form of other profits.  You see, with all the money they’ve made off their banking scams they’ve become super duper rich!  Although you won’t read about it anywhere, several jew families are now mulit-multi-Trillionaires.  And the way they got every single penny was via these massive financial scams along with insidiously barbaric and murderous wars.

So what would you do if you made 10s of trillions of dollars in blood money per year?  Go shopping maybe?  But not at stores like everyone else, you could never begin to spend any decent portion of your loot that way.  You’d have to think bigger, much bigger.  What if you just started buying trillions of dollars worth of stocks in all of the worlds’ largest corporations?

Corporations Stolen By Dregs 

Now you know how jews have come to own the majority of stock in thousands of the worlds’ largest corporations and those above only represent about .02% of them!   The top 1,300 corps on earth are now almost theirs entirely.  Scum sucking, devil worshipping jewish freaks now own and control everything of any importance or value in your world.  How does that make you feel?  Sucks huh?

So, that’s how jews have turned around and used their totally bogus blood money which they originally created for free and then stole back from us via our crooked governments in interest to buy valuable stocks.  The question is; why do jews go to all this trouble when they could just create all the money they wanted in the first place?  It’d be too obvious that’s why! 

People would never stand for that nor for any of this crap had they been able to understand it.  This is why jews came up with all these elaborate and mysterious financial systems to cover up the reality of their illegal and immoral money laundering scheme which you have been enslaved with.  Let’s summarize it all;

  • jews make money out of nothing in Central Banks owned by them around the world which we’ve helped them create more of by going to war with dozens of such countries and killing millions of innocent people like you over the last century.  Only a few more to go!
  • jews infiltrated governments to pass bogus laws and make deals to lend fake money to our corrupted governments then sit back and rake in the interest and/or take our countries assets.
  • We’re forced in a corner with threat of criminal prosecution and imprisonment to pay income taxes to our crooked governments which in turn give it to scumsucking jews to pay interest payments on said bogus loans.
  • Thousands have been prosecuted and given criminal records for not paying their taxes even though there is not a single law anywhere on the books which makes it legal for the IRS to make us pay income tax. 
  • jews create Big Banks around the globe and supply them with cash to make money off of us consumers directly in interest on loans and fees from retail banking.
  • jew owned Big Banks take our homes and other possessions during recessions which they’ve created.
  • jew scum has successfully skimmed hundreds of trillions of dollars from the peoples of the world by doing absolutely nothing more than running a huge financial scam on us.
  • jews then used some of said cash to attain tons of stock and majority control in thousands of the most important and profitable major corporations on earth.

The problem becomes clearer upon the realization that those corporations own and control the world’s oil, coal, natural gas, broadcasting, manufacturing, construction, shopping, social media, online entertainment, transportation, farming, ranching, mining, high tech and every other important or profitable industry you can imagine.  EVERYTHING sums it up and now the time has come for the people of the world to take it all back.

Thomas Jefferson said;  “the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their prosperity”.  That’s exactly what has happened but what he didn’t mention is that the owners of all the banks and corporations on earth were going to be totally undeserving, evil, satanic scum.  The absolute worst and lowliest slice of humanity.  This is where it should all be coming together.

And don’t forget this is MONEY we’re talking about.  The one thing that each and every person on earth has been forced to desire and spend a great deal of their lives obtaining, worrying and being confused about.  jews have made sure there’s no other way to exist anywhere in the world.  It’s the entire point for “Developing” undeveloped countries and peoples.

We’ve all been trained since childhood to slave for jews.  Here are a few other bogus legal cons they’ve played on all of us as;

The IRS is an agency of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) (Reorganization Plan No. 26, Public Law 102-391, Public Law 94-564, Senate report 94-1148 pg. 5967)

The United States Treasury has been gone since 1921 (41 Stat. Ch 214 page 654)

The U.S. Treasury is the IMF  (Presidential Docs Volume 24-No. 4 page 113, 22 U.S.C. 285-2887)

The original United States no longer exists!  (Exec Order 12803)

Americans are slaves and own absolutely nothing, NOT even their children. (Tillman vs. Roberts 108 So. 62, Wynehammer v. People 13 N.Y. REP 378, 481, Van Koten vs. Van Koten 154 N.E. 146, Senate Document 438 73rd Congress 1st Session)

We “The People” does NOT include common men and women. (Barron vs. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore 32 U.S. 243)

“Americans are human capital” (Exec Order 13037)  The world cabal makes money off our labors via taxes, interest, fines and penalties.  Each citizen has a $650,000 bond associated with their ownership!

People ARE PROPERTY, they don’t “own” property!  Slaves don’t own property.  Look at the Deed to the real estate you thought was yours and note that you’re the TENANT. (Senate Document 43, 73rd Congress 1st Session)  And now the real owners are readying to come to reclaim all of it!

The CIA, FCC, NASA, FBI and all of the other ugly 3 and 4 letter organizations have never been parts of the U.S. government.  (U.S. v Strang, 254 US491 Lewis v. US, 680 F.2nd, 1239)

British Royalty and the Rothschilds financially backed both sides of the American Revolutionary War. (Treaty of Versailles-July 16, 1782 Treaty of Peace 8 Stat 80)

The US is a British Colony just like Canada.  Also, it is a corp not a country and British Troops left in 1796 not 1776 (Republica v. Sweers 1 Dallas 43, Treaty of Commerce 8 Stat 116, Treaty of Peace 8 Stat 80, IRS Publication 6209, Articles of Association October 20, 1774)

That was all solid, black and white proof of absolute and total corruption and LYING to hundreds of millions of people.  We and our loved ones have each been LIED to, CHEATED, ROBBED and ABUSED by psychopathic jews over the course of our entire lives.  

All of this scheming comes from the City State of London where modern criminals got their start back in the late 1,600s.  But as we mentioned, London is just one of the 3 branches of the Empire of the City you’re learning about.  And while doing so, always remember this is the last thing they want to happen!  Not good!!!

So, now we know a little about that one and the royal thrones’ duties under the thumb of the Lord Mayor of the City State of London.  The next one is the Vatican City State which acts as the secret shopper, intelligence operative and political director for the entirety of the Empire of the City, i.e.; the world.

The Vatican is used to steal the material wealth of the earth and distract people with hatred and indifference for each other via the use of ancient and masterfully conducted religious propaganda.  You know, scary ideas like Muslims, Christians, Jews and Atheists want to take over the world, not the ultra-rich royals who now own and oversee the church and its leaders.  But that’s not all.

The Vatican has all sorts of highly illegal and immoral stuff going on that will boggle the mind.  After all, who would expect such darkness to come from the largest church in the world?  Right?  But then that’s exactly the point of it all.  jews know this; the bigger and more blatantly opposite the facades are, the better.

Knowing how to pull the wool over our eyes is exactly why jews have become so powerful.  Just imagine what they could do if they could oversee important US intelligence organizations like the FBI, CIA and NSA.  And what about others like the KGB, Israeli Mossad, German BND, Supreme Court of Israel, British MI5 and MI6.  Wouldn’t that be something?

Well, as of right now the whole of the international intelligence community is under the control of one jew that practically no one ever hears of.  The position is what’s known as the Jesuit General or “Black Pope”.  We learned about one of such scum named Francis Brown who ordered the sinking of the Titanic and the murdering 1,512 innocent souls who were aboard.

As shown below, more recently the position was held by Count Peter-Hans Kolvenback (right) for 25 years from 1983 to 2008 to be replaced by Adolfo Nicolas (left) who resides in Rome at the Church of Jesu.  (That’s where they get the label “Jesuits”)

Jesuits Popes 

They may not look it but that’s a picture of two of the most vile, sadistic, rapacious and murderous individuals on earth.  It’s due to them and their totally bogus and absolutely evil organization that the following are true;

The Vatican owns Great Britain. (Treaty of 1213)

The Pope can abolish any US Law (Elements of Ecclesiastical Law Vol. 1, 53-54)

The Pope says the Vatican owns the entire planet by the laws of conquest and discovery. (Papal Bulls of 1495 & 1493)

The Pope has commanded the mass murder and enslavement of hundreds of millions of innocents. (Papal Bulls of 1455 & 1493)

Everyone must obey Vatican laws. (Benedict. XIV., De Syn. Dioec, lib, ix, c. vii, n. 4. Prati, 1844 Syllabus Prop 28, 29, 44)

There’s far too much one could go into about the Vatican City State, it gets really dark and evil which is why we should do it.  So we will but not quite yet.  Just trust that the City State of the Vatican is the richest, most evil and without question, the most powerful entity on earth.  The Devil himself couldn’t find a better place to reside.  Watch “satanic Vatican” for tons of info.

The last City State is Washington DC and that’s where things have always been a little dicey for jews.  Due to the very nature of the dreams called the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights, keeping Americans on their leash has always been a little tricky.  The ideas expressed in these documents sounded so good that Americans bought them, hook, line and sinker.  Little did anyone know they were only put in place to be methodically stripped away.

But they’re likely the only reason anywhere on earth is still free.  And jews have been working towards getting control over America ever since which is why they created Washington DC with a jew manipulated congress in 1871, 95 years after 1776 when freedom fighters thought they had them beat.

They designed America to be the military arm of their Empire of the City.  And as you now know, just as London is to Britain and the Vatican is to Rome, DC is not part of the US!  From DC would come all propaganda and stoking for every major war on earth.  The trouble with America was the patriotism of its’ people.  They’d have to chip away at baffling and controlling the minds of 300 million Americans if ever to succeed.



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