3 Good Questions About Big Banks

3 Good Questions About Big Banks


What would all of the “Big Banks” and “Central Banks” (like the FED) be worth without our continued use of their bogus, “printed out of thin air” currency?  NOTHING!!!


big banks




What would the value of every International Corporation on earth be without our labor, patronage and support?  NOTHING!!!


say no to big corporations



How much control will our corrupt, satanic leaders have over us when their bogus banking buddies go broke because we changed to our own currency and their criminal corporate pals lose all control of their businesses because we refused to work for or support them?   NONE!!!  


say no to corrupt leaders


How about a Bonus . . . 4th QUESTION:

How much of a future would there be for all of the worthless scum we currently have as supposed leaders if we had our own banking system, social networking sites, communications companies, email providers, voting platform, government and. . . . . well, everything else.  NONE!!!   What if all men and women were equally responsible for everything on Earth as god/nature intended instead of a handful of sick, greedy, perverted, evil, psychopathic, ravaging degenerates?

Wrap Up Questions:  So, Who’s in Control?  WE ARE!
Then Why Aren’t We Doing Anything?  BECAUSE MOST OF US DON’T KNOW IT!
What Should We Do?  IT’S SIMPLE, JUST READ ON AND TAKE ACTION!  When you’re done here, start your process at



Here’s Some Good News For a Change;
The Future is OURS, if We Want it!

There’s much more going on here than “just” a new international bank (Outbank).  Below are just a few of the trademarks for building OUR NEW WORLD ORDER while defeating theirs.  Each has a .com domain name reserved and several of the key sites are already developed.  We even picked up “NumberCoin.com” which is simply unbelievable.  (good domain names, especially “number” related are ridiculously hard to come by) 

One day, everything here will be equally owned and controlled by all people on earth.  We know this is totally huge, that’s the entire point.  Thinking big is the only way out.  Help us build each and every one of these entities while undermining all of the existing ones.  (We’ll be taking theirs over too)  It all has to start somewhere and we think this is as good of place as any.  Do you have any better ideas?  If so, let’s use them! 

This is 100% pure democracy we’re talking about, it’s never been allowed to occur because we’ve always had scum holding humanity down!  What we’re talking about here is REAL FREEDOM!  It’s something none of US have really experienced!  We’ve all been being lied to and oppressed by sellouts and psychopaths for our entire lives.  NO MORE.

Unified Numbering Family