Greetings! We and YOU are here to perform the most elemental and important thing we could ever do for our country and world.  We’re here to retake control of creation via use of our own digital currency within the Unidigi Network.  As you’ll see below it’s nothing new but the way we’re doing it is, and YOU are going to love it! The reason is simple, it’s because this ultimately means the end of wars, poverty and inequality for all those who survive what’s coming.  Does that sound good to you?  Can we get a “HELL YES” for that?

We The People Love Outbank Currency! 

Hundreds of millions of people have awoken to the exact same reality that Americans are now.   That being the fact their evil and corrupt governments enslaved them by way of fiat currency (made up from nothing) and usury (interest charged by the FED to our country and interest charged by banks to us as individuals).  Here’s what happened;

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 Download The FED In 15 Minutes (43 MB .mpeg video)



What we’re doing with Outbank Currency has been attempted on smaller scales in 1000s of examples from around the globe throughout history.  Below are a few examples;

History of Alternative Currency




 We The People CAN do this, and we’re going to!